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The winners and losers from the EU's top jobs bonanza

So it is over. The marathon that was the European Council Extraordinary Summit to nominate the leaders of the European institutions wrapped up on 2 July in the afternoon - with some unexpected announcements for those kept on their tenterhooks throughout the entire process.

Having been unable to agree on a leadership package which comprised of the Spitzenkandidaten, the heads of state and government of the EU Member States forged their own path.

Donald Tusk told a fatigued press that the EU Council had approved the following nominees:

  • President of the European Commission: Ursula von der Leyen (60), Germany, currently German Minister of Defence, of the Christian Democratic Union (EPP)

  • President of the European Council: Charles Michel (43), Belgium, Interim Prime Minister, of the Reformist Movement (Renew Europe)

  • President of the European Central Bank: Christine Lagarde (63), France, currently Director of the International monetary fund (IMF)

  • High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy: Josep Borrell Fontelles (72), Spain, Minister for foreign affairs and the European Union, of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (S&D)