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We currently work with a range of high profile clients from the audiovisual and media sectors. They have and continue to include  individual companies large and small as well as European and international associations and coalitions. They know that Europe Analytica is the public affairs consultancy that can provide services tailor-made to their needs.


Our past clients also include FTSE 100 companies and national government regulators in a range of areas such as retail, energy, financial services, water, and environment. We have worked for Tesco, the Motion Picture Association of America and the Discovery Channel.


We have run projects for the European Commission on public participation in national, EU and international policy processes and for our other clients including several studies and workshops.

Clients: Client

“Europe Analytica helped the News Media Coalition significantly increase its profile, effectiveness and to deliver key messages on an important stage.“

Andrew Moger
Executive Director, News Media Coalition (NMC)

“We are now more engaged than ever before and our voice is now heard in many different policy debates."

Jérôme Dechesne
President, The European Coordination of Independent Producers (CEPI)

“Europe Analytica’s strategic vision, creative approach and absolute commitment to delivering tailor made solutions have been central to our longstanding relationship with the company.”

Christian Van Thillo
Chairman of the European Publishers Council (EPC)

Clients: Testimonial

“The team is always a phone call away and ready to provide us with sound strategic advice.”

Victor Hadida

President, The International Federation of Film Distributors' Association (FIAD)

“Europe Analytica’s approach to internal communications has driven membership engagement and they have tailored the flow of information in a manageable way.”

Jeanne Brunfaut
Managing Director, the European Film Agency Directors Association (EFADs)

“We have been very impressed by Europe Analytica’s ability to respond to our needs using the language of culture to connect NAE’s policies at the local, national and European level.”

Skinder Hundal
Chief Executive, New Art Exchange

Clients: Testimonial
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