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Proposal to nominate Timmermans for President of the European Commission divides the Member States

In a bid to break the deadlock in nominating the ‘Top Jobs’ in the institutions of the European Union, heads of state and government met on 30 June in Brussels. Despite lengthy negotiations and countless bi-laterals in the maze that is the Europa building, talks broke up at 4am on 1 June with no breakthrough.

With still no white smoke from the European Council’s Europa building, President Tusk has announced he will reconvene the summit on 2 July at 11 am. As the European Parliament is taking its inaugural plenary in Strasbourg on 2 July, time is running out for the European Council to propose a package of personal to lead the European Union over the coming 5 years. As the meetings are adjourned to Tuesday, we understand this is the latest proposal discussed by leaders:

  • Frans Timmermans (NL): European Commission President

  • Kristalina Georgieva (BG): European Council President

  • Manfred Weber (DE): European Parliament President (5 years)

  • Charles Michel (BE): High Representative/Vice-President of the European Commission

  • Margrethe Vestager (DK): 1st Vice-President of European Commission