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Navigating The 2024 European Elections: Use Your Vote!

The European elections set for June 6-9, 2024, stand as a pivotal moment for nearly 400 million eligible voters across the European Union. This is not just an opportunity to select representatives for the European Parliament, but a vital act to sustain and strengthen democracy within the union. Voters in these elections will choose the 720 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) who will represent their interests and directly impact legislation affecting all aspects of EU policy. These MEPs also play a crucial role in international trade negotiations, oversee the EU budget, and ensure that the executive arm of the EU, the European Commission, remains accountable. Following the elections, the European Parliament will vote to approve the new President of the European Commission and the College of Commissioners, composed of 27 Commissioners, one per country, who in their daily work are supported by various Commission’s DGs (Directorates-General) for different policy areas. This process underlines the direct influence voters have over the political and operational directions of the EU.

In its next mandate (2024-2029), the European Commission is set to review several legislative files that are of particular importance for Europe Analytica clients.

  • The Geo-Blocking Regulation is scheduled for a comprehensive evaluation by the European Commission by November 2025, which will take into account the overall impact of the Regulation on the internal market and cross-border e-commerce.

  • The Commission must evaluate the Digital Markets Act (DMA) by May 2026, to assess whether the aims of the Regulation of ensuring contestable and fair markets have been achieved and assess the impact of this Regulation on business users, especially SMEs, and end users.

  • The Commission is set to undertake a review of the Copyright Directive and present a report on the main findings no sooner than June 2026. By June 2024, the Commission must assess the impact of the specific liability regime set out in Article 17.

  • An “ex-post evaluation” of the impact of the Audiovisual Media Services (AVMS) Directive and its added value is planned for December 2026.

  • In 2026, the Political Advertising Regulation will be evaluated and reviewed by the Commission. This report shall assess the need for amendment to this Regulation, in particular with regard to the scope of the Regulation and the definition of political advertising, and the effectiveness of the Regulation, of the transparency measures, of the supervision and enforcement structure.

  • By February 2027, the Commission will evaluate and report on the effect of the Digital Services Act (DSA) on the development and economic growth of small and medium-sized enterprises. By November 2025, the Commission must report on the application of Article 33 and on the way the DSA interacts with other legal acts. By November 2027, the Commission will evaluate the DSA and report to the European Parliament and Council.

You can find here information about when and how to vote in your country.

As you exercise your right to vote in the European elections, remember that the decisions made by the European Parliament will have a direct impact on your business and the policies that affect your industry. At Europe Analytica, we are committed to helping you navigate the complexities of EU policy and ensure that your voice is heard. Our team of experts provides strategic guidance and advocacy services to help you stay ahead of regulatory changes and capitalise on opportunities. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your EU affairs.


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