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Copyright Conference Highlights Crucial Issues for Media and Creative Industries

The recent copyright conference, hosted by the Belgian Presidency of the Council in Namur on April 8th and 9th, emerged as a pivotal event for stakeholders in the media and creative industries. Bringing together experts to deliberate on the implementation of the Digital Single Market (DSM) Directive, the conference addressed pressing concerns regarding fair remuneration for creators and navigated the challenges posed by generative AI technologies. Europe Analytica’s clients, as key players in this dynamic landscape, stand to benefit from insights gleaned and strategies forged at such critical gatherings.

Some important points to keep in mind:

  • Roberto Viola, Director-General of DG CONNECT, set the tone by acknowledging the unprecedented lobbying surrounding the DSM Directive. However, Viola highlighted a significant shift in perspective, noting that internet companies now recognize the imperative of compensating creators. He underscored the directive's role in bolstering the bargaining power of the cultural sector, with thousands of deals struck since its implementation. Viola also addressed concerns regarding the opt-out from Text and Data Mining (TDM) exceptions, emphasising the role of the forthcoming AI Act in ensuring these opt-outs are respected.

  • Giuseppe Abbamonte, Head of Media Policy at DG CONNECT, echoed Viola's sentiments, emphasising the impact of generative AI technologies on copyrighted content. Abbamonte stressed the need for transparency and accountability in AI models, particularly in the context of news publishing and licensing agreements. He outlined challenges related to the input and output of AI models, advocating for effective TDM opt-outs and enforcement mechanisms to strengthen rightsholders' positions. Abbamonte also addressed the pervasive issue of online piracy, which undermines creators' revenue streams and threatens the cultural ecosystem's sustainability. While recognizing strides made with the Digital Services Act (DSA) and the European Commission's Recommendation on online piracy, he suggested further measures might be necessary, signalling a commitment to action if deemed insufficient.

The copyright conference provided a vital platform for stakeholders to exchange ideas and explore potential solutions to the complex challenges facing the copyright landscape in the digital era. At the heart of Europe Analytica’s approach lies a commitment to understanding the pulse of innovation. Through meticulous analysis and foresight, we empower our clients to navigate turbulent waters with confidence. The insights garnered from this conference are not just informative; they are instrumental in shaping strategic initiatives and unlocking untapped potential.


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