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UK government publishes White Paper on the future relationship with the EU

After the Chequers meeting Cabinet reshuffle, the UK Government published its Brexit White Paper on 12 July. You can find the entire document here.

It aims at setting a blueprint for the future relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union, and proposes:

  • A free trade area for goods, which could allow for a frictionless border in Ireland and which regulated by a common rule-book

  • New arrangements on services and investment, with special regard to the digital dimension

  • A stop to the free movement of people and new mobility arrangements

  • A security partnership based on common assessment of threats, cross-border criminal justice cooperation and enforcement, and data exchange

  • A data protection framework

  • A Security of Information Agreement (SoIA) on classified information

  • New cooperative accords on scientific research, international development and the defence capabilities

  • A mechanism for annual negotiations on access to waters and fishing opportunities

All of this will have to be included in the Withdrawal agreement between the UK and the EU, which will set the baseline for negotiations after the effective Brexit date on 29 March 2019.

To keep on top of all the , you can take a look at our Brexit timeline here.

If your organisation needs help dealing with the challenges and opportunities that Brexit presents, we can also provide tailored services to whatever you may need:

  • Providing you with careful analysis of Brexit’s short, medium and long-term impacts

  • Connecting you with relevant decision makers to help you influence the post-Brexit environment

  • Monitoring any relevant developments that will affect your organisation

  • Advising you on how you should prepare for what will come after Brexit

You can find our previous reports on Brexit here and listen to our Director Angela Mills Wade's take on Brexit below.

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