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Two years after the referendum, our updated Brexit timeline

Leaders are gathering today and tomorrow (28-29 June 2018) in Brussels for a meeting of the European Council with Brexit high on the agenda. Chief negotiator Michel Barnier will brief the heads of government or state, in an EU 27 format, on Friday at 9 am on the following points:

  • on the completion of works on withdrawal issues,

  • on the issues related to the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland,

  • and on the framework for the future UK-EU relations.

European leaders will then adopt their conclusions.

Our dedicated Brexit team at Europe Analytica has been keeping our clients up to date on every development in the negotiations. We have produced an updated Brexit Timeline that sets out the most important deadlines until Brexit Day on 29 March 2019 and beyond.

EA Brexit Timeline 2018 - 2021

If your organisation needs help dealing with the challenges and opportunities that Brexit presents, we can offer you services tailored to your needs:

  • Providing you with careful analysis of Brexit’s short, medium and long-term impacts

  • Connecting you with relevant decision makers to help you influence the post-Brexit environment

  • Monitoring any relevant developments that will affect your organisation

  • Advising you on how you should prepare for what will come after Brexit

You can find our previous reports on Brexit here and listen to our Director Angela Mills Wade's take on Brexit below.

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