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Keep up to date


The team is in regular contact with key Commission officials and MEPs to ensure that you receive any relevant intelligence as early as possible. As well as this contact, we will monitor all relevant periodicals and websites to provide you with analysis on any relevant topics. A member of the team will attend all relevant Parliamentary committees, intergroups, Commission hearings and conferences. We also provide a point of contact for you should you have any ad hoc questions regarding specific topics.


We are able to provide relevant information in a number of different formats. These include:


  • Email alerts on new developments in key areas

  • Parliamentary and ad hoc meeting reports in a format tailored to your needs

  • Issue Tracker with short description of latest developments and suggested action to be taken (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) to complement the email alerts

  • Regular status table indicating the stage key issues have reached

  • Background briefings on relevant issues when they are required

  • Weekly or monthly newsletter


We work to gather the best and most up to date information for you, so that you stay informed on the most pressing issues.

Intelligence Gathering & Monitoring: Service
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