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Europe Analytica is able to identify relevant EU platforms including Commission and industry seminars, Parliamentary intergroups, and subject-specific hearings, in which you can directly participate in. This is tailored to you and helps to develop your profile both within the institutions and the European business arena.


We also provide advice on how to identify and contact industry allies through trade bodies with a range of interests. Cooperation and coalition building is an important part of public affairs and Europe Analytica has an extensive network of contacts which we can use to help you strengthen your message. 


Our team also has experience in organising expert seminars which members of the Parliament, Commission and other relevant bodies have attended. These seminars will raise your profile and can be used to deal with specific issues on the EU agenda


Knowing who to contact and connect with is vital to developing your profile. We guide you through the Brussels networking landscape and help you identify the best strategy to maximise your visibility and effectiveness of your message.

Direct Participation: Service
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