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Meet the right people


Our contact programme forms an important part of the service we provide to our clients. It is designed to put our clients face to face with Europe’s legislative leaders to discuss issues of direct relevance to their business and help promote their message in the minds of decision makers.


The programme involves regular meetings with key institutional officials from the EU and the Member States, particularly the UK. Contact with these officials will be maintained, allowing us to gather intelligence on our client’s behalf and to provide a primary point of contact. The contact programme will be reviewed regularly so that appropriate action can be discussed and implemented without delay.


During our usual contact programme, Europe Analytica will provide each client with a briefing prior to the meeting on the most effective means of communication. This is based on our experience working with different institutions and ensures that our client’s message has the maximum impact. We will also provide analysis following the meeting and make recommendations on the next steps required to maintain momentum.

We are able to provide relevant information in a number of different formats. These include:


  • Email alerts on new developments in key areas

  • Parliamentary and ad hoc meeting reports in a format tailored to your needs

  • Issue Tracker with a short description of latest developments and suggested action to be taken (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) to complement the email alerts

  • Regular status table indicating the stage key issues have reached

  • Background briefings on relevant issues when they are required

  • Weekly or monthly newsletter


We work to gather the best and most up to date information for our clients, so that they may stay informed on the most pressing issues.

Contact Programme: Service
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