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Europe Analytica has experience setting up and providing secretariat management for associations needing representation in Brussels. In our office we have an Executive Director, two Secretary Generals, and five policy advisors representing various associations.

We work with your members to develop a clear vision, setting out a number of goals and working together to shape policy in your areas of concern.


Some of the services we offer for association management include:


  • The setup and running of the Secretariat

  • Active representation in European and international institutions

  • A point of contact for any research needs or inquiries.

  • Networking and the creation of inter-association synergies on policy agendas

  • Monitoring and circulation of information and analysis

  • Advice on executing effective strategies

  • Media and press engagement

  • Event organisation


We use an association model which maximises both internal and external communications to ensure the best possible representation whilst ensuring our services are tailored to your members' needs. This has allowed us to successfully run the European Coordination of Independent Producers (CEPI), European Publisher’s Council (EPC), International Federation of Film Distributors’ Associations (FIAD), and News Media Coalition (NMC).

Association Management: Service
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