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Europe Analytica has invaluable experience in conducting various kind of projects, both for public institutions and private sector clients. We ensure that when we execute a project – whether it is a survey, stakeholder or policy map, or a more extensive project – that we provide our clients with an outcome exactly meeting their objectives.


How do we do this?

  • First, we develop a work plan with intermediate goals and deadlines, agreed upon with the client at the start.

  • We ensure dialogue based on the client's expectations and needs.

  • We always make sure to use our exhaustive knowledge, research expertise and extensive network depending on the project requirements.

  • We present the results to our client, tailor-made: for example in the form of a user-friendly database or a comprehensive report, and if desired accompanied by a presentation to inform a wider audience.


In the past, we have undertaken projects for the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, the European Commission’s Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized enterprises, the Linked Content Coalition.

Some examples include:

  • ARDITO (EU Horizon 2020 funded project)

  • Creative Skills Europe

  • MediaRoad

  • Audiovisual Social Dialogue Enlargement Project

  • Analysis of the EU Audiovisual Sector Labour Market and of changing forms of employment and work arrangements

  • Framework of Actions on Gender Equality

What we do is:
•    helping our clients navigating through the existing EU funds. We help with the selection of the most suitable -for the client- project.
•    assisting clients in leading the process of project proposal writing in synergy with your experts in the field you are working on
•    coordinating the whole project ensuring that deadlines are met and overseeing the project deliverables quality
•    take care of the project administration, dealing with subcontractors, accountancy and reporting
•    acting as liaison between our clients and the European Commission during the whole project
•    designing a tailor-made set of project and EU funds management services in line with client’s specific needs and expectations

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